Deco Divas::Ready for the Holidays

What a stylish group of gals .. .. .
each and every one : Simply Swell!

Though a variety of stylish flappers are depicted in
these jazz age magazine covers - the common denominator
seems to be 'drench yourself in furs and jewels ( preferably pearls).'
This was clearly the Roaring Twenties.
No subtlety allowed.
And then, along came an end to the Roar ... . . in fall of 1929.

It's still fun to glimpse this glittering moment of time through
these beautiful images from Finbry Collection on flickr.
And , by the way, Whatever Happened to Muffs?
Don't you think it's about time they came back !


My Castle in Spain said...

ah Judith...you knew i'd love these did you ? yes !!!
i think i can easily picture you with a sweet fluffy muff just like the one in the 1st pic... :-)
Have a great week end !

little augury said...

gorgeous images. I love a muff-have a couple of tattered ones of my Grans and one of my own when about 6. They are so smart and stylish-Maybe the advent of women driving and carrying handbags dimmed the popularity of the muff-I for one would welcome a chauffeur & someone to pay the bills-My muff stands in waiting, and waiting. la

Elaine Kerr said...

I'm sure a muff requires a personal valet... they would be a little cumbersome for scraping windshields and shoveling the driveway. That white fur coat with the nice high collar though....

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I remember my little sister having a white fur coat with a matching muff when we were children. I once got in terrible trouble for putting jello in it. :)

These are all terrific images - especially that last uber-glam one! Frankly, the lady in the first one looks like a young woman in search of a lamp post to stand under.