Shopping Deco Style

As you've all so astutely noted in your comments on my previous
post .... . they'll be no returning to Fur Muffs until we have
a return to personal valets & chauffeurs . I'm all for that concept,
but I shan't hold my breath.

This girl seems to have it all in
control , with a muff in one hand and a second hand holding
the leash to a rather bizarre looking dog. Her trusty turbaned
valet struggles to balance an armful of gifts AND a Christmas tree !
I feel pretty sure there's also a liveried chauffeur nearby ... .

Love those gauntlet gloves.

Thanks to Finsbry Collection for this marvelous image.


willow said...

Gosh, I need a trusty turbaned

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

are you sure that's a dog?


Sanity Fair said...

Love the pic - and especially your new blog banner! So cheerful for this time of year.

My Castle in Spain said...

ah..yes a chauffeur ! :-)
I wish you a very merry Christmas my dear Judith, with lots of love, bubbles and laughters...

Chrisy said...

Darling we're obviously identical twins...that pic of the honey in peacock scanties is definitely me!...in my dreams....

Leau said...

gotta love a girl who uses shan't appropriately! and I do, happy, merry to you and Mr T sugar... happy, merry and here's to getting all you want! smooches

oiadweller said...

wherever my message finds you...whatever you may be doing, I know you will be doing in style ;-)
I hope you are with loved ones. Take great care you lovely woman and best wishes to you and yours.