Another Place Another Time :: Winter Wonderland

Tis the Season ... .. .
for schussing down the slopes.
Ski resorts from Gstaad to Aspen are gearing up
for the arrival of the Christmas skiers.

I've always felt that Christmas in a small mountain village
was the ultimate storybook magic.
Snow + Sleigh Bells = Total Enchantment

One such journey, many years ago, so totally captured me
that I extended my visit and made Aspen my home
for 13 years.

Though skiing was a daily part of my life,
I can't say that I ever saw any visions on the slopes
quite as beautiful as these vintage magazine covers.
Having recently discovered the Finsbry collection of ephemera on flickr,
I just had to share these with you. The coming weeks will find more of her
delightful images ... . . stay tuned.


little augury said...

Gorgeous covers- Ok-call me terrible or terribly slow-when did you return? I just pop over after your comment today. Bless my soul, LA

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I have great admiration for the bravery of the charmer in green who is posing on the steep downhill.

(They're really all terrific covers. Wasn't it nice when every magazine didn't have a photo of Brangelina, Oprah, or that horrid couple with all the children who is getting divorced?!)

Ingrid Mida said...

I love that Art Deco style. The lines are so clean and elegant.
I also love to ski but have to travel far to get to the mountains. You were a lucky girl to live in Aspen!!

My Castle in Spain said...

Wishing you a beautiful schussing end of the week Judith !
mmmm...may be not it's still too warm in your area for snow, yet ?

(i love those covers. i have a book of Vogue covers and i used the last image for cards a few years ago.)

Aspen always made me dream...Lucky you !!

Pearl Maple said...

Just love the style of those covers, so beautifully drawn

Chrisy said...

13 years! Darlin that was an extended visit! I bet you looked gorgeous in your snow bunny outfits...just as lovely as these cover girls...