What Is It ? Take a Closer Look

It's a unique and special treat.
It was created this week,
but its origins are at least vintage, perhaps antique.

Do take a closer look, by clicking on these photos.

It was presented to me this morning, as a gift for my
6 year wedding anniversary. Mr. T is a guy who goes by the book.
The book (???) says the correct present for the 6th anniversary
is either steel or candy.

It's not steel.

It's deliciously edible ... . handmade chocolate,
brushed with sterling silver leaf - also edible.
Some of you many remember a Valentines post
which featured a 24 K Gold chocolate heart.

My favorite local chocolatier, Hayward Simoneaux
at Todos Santos, makes these small treasures
using his collection of old chocolate molds.
Click HERE to see more examples of his
wondrous talent.

Know that I'm sending you all a "cyber bite."


Lia said...

Looks yummy. Best wishes on your anniversary!

vicki archer said...

Happy anniversary Judith and Tim. What a magnificent gift...far too beautiful to eat, xv.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Happy, happy anniversary!

That is an exquisite treasure - I would never be able to eat it LOL.

One of my favorite candies are from upstate New York. They're called Turkey Joints - they're chocolate turkey leg bones covered in edible silver or gold.

Again, happy anniversary - hope it was wonderful and memorable.

studioJudith said...

Thanks for all your good wishes ... .
and know that I will enjoy gazing upon this little treat for quite a while before I decide to take that first bite!

Tristan ... . I must see pics of those Turkey Joints- I'm having a hard time visualizing them!

Ingrid Mida said...

It looks too beautiful to eat!! Have a happy anniversary!

Leau said...

That T's a keeper!! Happy, happy to you both...smooches

Di Overton said...

It is far too beautiful to eat. You lucky girl what a fabulous gift. I wish this guy had a website.

JM said...

A beautiful gift indeed!
Congratulations on the 6th wedding anniversary!

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Happy Anniversary Judith! Yumm that cyber bite was good, and leaves me craving for the real thing!

Did you know? A lot of Indian sweet makers use edible silver on their sweets for that extra look of richness:) it is called 'varq' in India.

Happy Holidays!

Lotsa love