Bespoke Gloves :: Paris

I'm swooning again.
Isn't it always uplifting to come across someone doing something
which is almost a lost art .. . . and doing it with great style ?

Mary Beyer opened her handcrafted glove boutique in Paris just a year ago.

I have a particular fondness for gauntlets and fingerless gloves,
so I was thrilled to see these examples.
Natty little spats for the wrist ! LOVE .. . .
Sculptural elegance, indeed.


Visit her online boutique / gallery HERE.


sinnlighet said...


Love love love your 'royal gloves' with a very high glamorous factor!!

Agneta ;)

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

these are really quite chic and glam

I also love - and wear - fingerless gloves...but mine are wool and not so fancy. These gloves you've shared look like high fashion - mine look like Fagin.

(hmmmm. my word verification is "hoser" - is your blog calling me names?)

little augury said...

I love the fingerless gloves-have several pair but Nothing this elegant. Particularly love the beige shearling. pgt

My Castle in Spain said...

Superbe post Judith ! i just went on to her site...she is just fabulous and so creative. You made me feel like going to visit the workshop in this lovely manor and the shop in Paris of course, of course...
Thank you for introducing her !
Have a great sunday, dear...

re flamenco dresses...yes, i think Catherine would like some.. :-)

vicki archer said...

These are wonderful Judith....I love gloves - full or half, they always make me feel well dressed! xv

Ingrid Mida said...

Dear Judith,
How ever do you find so many interesting and beautiful things?
I LOVE fingerless gloves as my hands are often cold. Chic ones are not easy to find.

Sanity Fair said...

ooooh -- sooo much fun! These are so darling and witty.
-Sanity Fair

My Castle in Spain said...

Thanks for your sweet comment, Judith!

Karena said...

Judith absolutely fabulous, very artistic!!

Art by Karena

Di Overton said...

Can't beat a pair of fingerless gloves for getting the money out of your purse :)

red ticking said...

these are lovely... i think i better throw my mitten away and become a really lady! he he xx