Another Place-Another Time:: Lake Garda

Arriving by helicopter is always such fun.
Not exactly subtle or understated - but always a giggle.
The waiter on the terrace seems
to have noticed .... . these birds aren't noted for being quiet.

The trip from Milan was rather quick and oh so beautiful cruising
over the mountains to the western shore of Lake Garda. I'm delighted you've
decided to continue our little trek through a few of my favorite very
special spots in Italy.

I'm told this villa , built in 1892, underwent a 4 year renovation and opened
in 2001 as a small (15 rooms + 3 cottages) hotel which oozes rustic elegance.

Such sumptuous yet cozy details . Love the feel of these reception areas ... .
before we head up to our rooms - let's stroll the gardens and see what we can find.

Acres of gardens with numerous paths to all kinds of enchantment.
This looks interesting ... . let's take a peek.

What fun ! Looks a bit like Alice in Wonderland's choice for
tea with the Mad Hatter.
Shall we reserve a table with a view of the lake for dinner?
For now, I'm feeling a small afternoon treat is in order.

Perfection .. . A Gelato cart waiting on the lawn under the trees by the pool.

And a very special pool it is. Don't you just adore the vast manicured lawn
which reaches from lakeside to poolside,
broken only by a shaded canopy of ancient trees ?
I hope you'll find your room as delicious as I find mine ... . the balcony with
it's own Lemon tree and canvas cushioned stone balustrade is such a lovely detail.

An octagonal room with an octagonal bath .. . . those are hard to find.
But, well worth the trip - whether by land, air or sea.


FYI: This week we've found the Grand Hotel Villa Feltrinelli
in the village of Gargnano on Lake Garda.
As if the gardens, the views, and the exquisite service
weren't enough ... . it has quite a bit of history. Benito Mussolini spent his
last years in seclusion here. Winston Churchill and D.H. Lawrence considered
it to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.
Current amenities include silk lined bath robes, Aqua di Parma toiletries,
and laptops on request. All well and good ... . but the fact that they gladly
unpack and repack your luggage adds just the perfect touch of heaven -
along with their laundry service: each article of clothing is folded, wrapped
in tissue and secured with a ribbon and a sprig of fresh lavender.

Big sigh.

Be still my heart -
I think I shall never leave.


willow said...

Big sigh, indeed!

Christine H. said...

I seriously thought the first photo was of a miniature! It was the little trees that made me thinks so, but now I see it's real and I'm quickly getting changed, packing a small bag and heading over there to join the fun.

Nancy's Notes said...

What a sensational post! Thanks for sharing, just awesome.


Chrisy said...

Darling Miss JJ...you don't know how much your travel treats mean to me...you always pick out the best 'dreaming' photos and details (oh to have each garment laundered, folded and wrapped in tissue paper and secured with a sprig of lavender!)Thank you so much.
ps If I move back in my chair and squint I can see you and I on those chairs at the water's edge..what's that...oooh we're holding gelatos...

Yoli said...


sinnlighet said...

Your home, Judith? Unbelievable beautiful as usual!


vicki archer said...

Another dreamy destination of yours Judith.....xv

Sanity Fair said...

MARVELOUS. I'm eating this up.
What's hard: don't you hate it when your private chopper lands on your private yacht and blows all the beach towels everywhere? Such a pain.

Trudi Sissons - Two Dresses Studio said...

What an imagination you have. You must have been a princess in another life!

Ingrid Mida said...

It looks like heaven!

sinnlighet said...

Your new header........ just just..


Agneta with love

Cote de Texas said...

i want your life, past and present, please. :)

My Castle in Spain said...

oh mon Dieu...pure bliss...heaven..
I write down the name feverishly hoping one day, i will dive into this bed, sleep in this swimming pool and be bold and steal the super cute...gelato cart !
You always have the best destination Judith !

The Antiques Diva™ said...

FAB TIP!!! How have I never heard of Lake Garda before?

lyptis said...

Wow, wow, wow, this house is just, wow!

Im jealous now!