Valentines Made from ... . What !! ?

I'd been saving these grocery bags for months.

Loved the funny little faux Victoriana illustrations ... . . and the red/black
color palette on the brown craft paper.

Then it hit me : I'd rip up the grocery bags and cut out little hearts
with my pinking shears. The next step would be to outline the pinked edges
with my gold leaf pen.
Of course, everything is more fun when layered with some gold tulle
and stitched over black cardstock.

Voila! Valentines pour vous !!


Sending you all hugs for a lovely weekend ... . .



Christine H. said...

Pure genius!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


but I'm confused ... did you print the images on the grocery bags? are they colored stamps?

and, no!, I did NOT take the short bus to school...

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

WOW, very nice.
It looks absolutely gorgeous!



A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

These Valentines are the best! I hope you receive one just as fabulous...although that would be difficult to find.

Happy Valentine's Day, Judith


sinnlighet said...

So cool images, I wish I was in love ..... o;)

Thanks for all your wonderful comments on my blog. I am always soooo happy when I read them.

Lots of love


Sally said...

What an awesome idea! They turned out perfect!!! :D

vicki archer said...

Gorgeous as ever...xv

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

What a lovely idea! Recycled valentines are super cool!:)

Chrisy said...

They're gorgeous...love them all grouped together...and the order you've put them in...you clever girl! Wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day darling!

Trädgårdsmakaren said...

Veeery inspiring:-))
Thank you!

My Castle in Spain said...

I love your stitched hearts ! and especially the hand reaching out...brilliant !
Wishing you a belated Happy Valentine's, dear Judith !

Sanity Fair said...

These are lovely! Absolutely charming.
P.S. I completely agree on Karl Lagerfield's white shirts too - did you see the latest Bazaar? He photographed a model dressed like himself in - you guessed it - the white shirt. Carolina Herrera too!

oiadweller said...

Clever girl... hope someone put as much thought in giving you a card on V-day Judith... Come to think of it you'd be a hard girl to buy a card for. Yours make the stock standard look so... pedestrian ;-)

Seth said...

Great upcycling! These are really wonderful.