Multiple Mirrors of Edinburgh

I know I always say this ... . . but, you REALLY must click on this photo to
view large. I adore photographing mirrors which reflect other mirrors for
a rather endless bounce of ongoing play, and this was the ultimate
Some of you may remember this image from a previous post on my favorite
(and Very Red .. .) hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland: Prestonfield House.
For a another visit to this small gem, do go HERE to refresh your memory.
Especially if you'd like to hop from the New York Red
of our evening at the Gramercy Park Hotel to a Scottish experience.

Just to the left of the main building .. . down a stone walk &
across a green velvet lawn .. . you'll find a circular stone building
which started life as the original Georgian stables.
Today it serves as a wondrous ballroom whose walls are draped in
red velvet with a series of ornate gold mirrors circling the entire room.

Let's don our kilts and dance the the night away.... . .

And, don't forget to glance over your partners' shoulder
to catch the sparkling reflections in all those golden mirrors ,
before you head back to your cozy room at dawn.

If you're feeling the need for more reflections
do go by Theme Thursday and check out some other thoughts
on Mirrors.
Browse the beautiful Prestonfield House website for
an enticing experience ... .
or see more of my own personal photos, which document
my visit to this enchanting Scottish spot - HERE.


Brian Miller said...

fascinating...i really like the look and architecture of the place...

sinnlighet said...

I crawl into your fantastic pictures!

Lots of love

Agneta, a swedish one o;)

Jill said...

This is absolutely beautiful...each and every photograph!

Jasmine said...

I love Edinurgh so much. I like how the Royal Mile tapers as you clim the hill towards the castle. Such a fairytale feel.

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

This is the stuff of fairytales... gorgeous. ~Tanna

e said...

Beautil blog and photos!

Courtney said...

J, you always tempt with your beautiful descriptions-- dancing in such a ballroom sounds like a dream! Please do send an invite my way :)

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I see what-looks-to-be a fabulous chandelier juuuuuust hiding out of sight in that mirror. I hate chandeliers that tease.

I had never read the other post before (it was before my blogging days)...ask me if I want that lamp being held by an arm and hand alá Cocteau!

Betsy said...

Having quite a bit of Scottish blood in me, I certainly enjoyed this! :)

willow said...

It's now on my bucket list.

(LOVE the new header!!)

Tammy said...

A new place to add to my list of places to see. Thank you!

JeffScape said...

Heh... regarding your endless reflection statement, when I was younger I used to open the medicine cabinet (which was mirrored) so that it reflected the main bathroom mirror.

I'd literally sit there and try to count how many reflections I could see.

Strange. Almost like watching a fire.

Ingrid Mida said...

I've been there!! I don't have a lovely photo of it because I attended an event in the ballroom and drank too much to take any photos. Thanks for bringing back happy memories of Scotland!

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

I love the header!
You are right, the picture look
amazing when you see it enlarged!

Mine is here


(means WISHING YOU PROSPERITY! in Mandarin, Chinese)


Mélanie said...

It looks like a beautiful place