Reflections on Red :: A Brief History

When Theme Thursday announced this weeks' topic to be R E D ,
I was thrilled. As many of my regular readers know,
Red is always thrilling to me ... . .. so much so that
I browsed my photos for everything with a red tag attached and found
dozens of images in every category. Oh my . Where to start??

Interiors : though I generally prefer a neutral palette with small touches
of red, I was reminded of one of my favorite Deep Red powder rooms,
done for a client who wanted total immersion in a rich luscious surprise
in this tiny space. (Do click on this photo to view large and see all the
remarkable details in these unique antique pieces)
Travel: this is my all time favorite red repetition image from my travel files -
the Liverpool Docks with Red Brick / Red Bouys / Red Columns and
A Red Boat. How often do you run into a boat which appears to be totally
dipped in red paint?!
Art: Another venue where small accents of red, in an otherwise
black / white palette are a favorite theme ... . found in many pieces of
my mixed media. This one is called " She Always Stopped Traffic .. . "
and features a Phillip Treacy hat layered over vintage sheet music
and silver tulle.

Wardrobe: It's found head to toe in my closet ... . .. mostly with great
quantities of black in between.
I can't bear leaving out so many other really fab R E D photos. February is
such a great red month ... . we haven't even started with the Valentines.
Why stop with one day of Red ??

I've made an executive decision - this is RED Month at studio Judith.
Total immersion .
If you love Red as much as I love Red , stop by for more enchanting Red.

This will be fun!


Warm up for more adventures in Red with other posts
here at Theme Thursday.


Brian Miller said...

nice. wonderful shots...love the imprint from your travels and the shot out tot he waterway!

willow said...

I have a tiny deep red power room at the manor!

Anonymous said...

Love you photos! ! ! ~Trisha

Christine H. said...

You have some of the best examples of red I have seen. The shoes are fabulous, as is the art. I also love red roofs.

Courtney said...

What a great collection of red photos; I can't wait to see what else you have in store! For a number of years, I was "over" red, and then in the past couple years I have grown to love it again.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

that bathroom! The fixture is uber-fab - and the illustration in the mirror transom is delightful. I want the lighting fixture right now. Did you put in the huge crown moulding, or was it architectural?

Excellent room!!!

Chrisy said...

Hi darling (she calls waving her red flag)! Those red walls look fabulous with the antique furniture...one could be in any city...at any time... Love love love the docks photo...and those shoes!

Kat said...

LOVE your photos!!

Ingrid Mida said...

I LOVE red! What fun it will be to read about red the whole month. I've been wearing red boots this winter and they always make me smile. I also adore all my red shoes, especially the high heels.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I do love red. I've heard that red is a color that makes people hungry. I painted our restaurant red. Ever since I was a little kid I've wanted a red chiffon dress. What am I waiting for?

Hooray for red month!


vicki archer said...

I am a huge fan of red too Judith....I look forward to seeing more of your shots this month...Have a happy weekend. xv

Jaime said...

those are great red pics

Leau said...

I love that you love red...I do not! I do however really love the image from Liverpool and love the coming together of all those red things just as you the Red Queen was there to record them! I'll be back to see what else comes up red for you...smooches