Red Theatrics

After declaring February to be a Month of Red ... . I decided my first
Red Leap would need to be my blog banner. Moulin Rouge pour moi??
Why not jump in and start with a bit of Can Can . . .

Upon further inspection, I found Red to be the color of choice for
all things theatrical - be they Paris or New York, magazines or posters.

Red is also the color of choice, which spanned the realm from
Hamlet to Josephine.
Whether a small touch or a big splash .. ... .. Red is HOT !


All images from the wonderful Finsbry Collection


sinnlighet said...

My God what a fantastic post. You are simply the best!

Lots of love

Agneta, the swedish one o;)

Christine H. said...

You certainly know how to start off the year with a splash. I love it!

vicki archer said...

A favourite of mine Le Moulin Rouge...great header Judith, xv.

Ingrid Mida said...

After observing your many changes of blog header, I wonder whether I should change mine. But they never seem to capture the essence of me. And somehow all your header choices seem utterly perfect. How do you do it?
I am enjoying all your posts about red. It is one of my favourite colours.

Chrisy said...

Whahoo darling! It's fabulous in here today...so exotic...I can feel my legs twitching to head skywards!

Judy said...

Sooo love this post. Red is certainly "hot", my favourite. It really hits one when one sees blast of red. Thanks

Di Overton said...

So sorry for not being around much lately, manic busy with new Ghost stuff.
Am taking some time today to do the rounds of the blogs and catch up - refreshing the soul
Much Love
PS You can't have a Month of Red I have run out of red paint :)

My Castle in Spain said...

Judith, i'm always ready for some cancan dancing, well can't really do the split but i can wave my hands!
Your blog is getting more and more stylish !
Have a feverishly red monday!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I must admit I love theatrics.(And a spirited can-can. Not that my legs will go that high anymore.) Your header is wonderful, J.