Just Send the Kid

This vintage photo had been on my desk for a while ... .
it just always made me smile.

The idea that this postman was delivering a small boy
was quite a puzzling amusement. I later found out that
there were several incidents where people actually
attempted to send children through the mail!

Hopefully, I've sent you a moment of amusement today.
(especially after my recent posts full of nothing but
stories of tragedy .. . )

Click on photo to view LARGE & see the details
Mixed media: vintage photo, stitched and layered fabric
with metallic paint - copyright Judith Thibaut


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

That is too funny.

I'm sure if it were that easy, my mother would have had my forehead loaded with stamps and I'd have been long gone a few times!

Paula Scott said...

Much needed amusement for me indeed!
Taking Mark to the neurologist tomorrow. That is never a good thing to be saying, is it?

I love the new banner! Never know what to expect here at jjj!

Sanity Fair said...

A cute idea! Hmmm... bet the postage was a lot!

gina said...

Sometimes I wish I could do that!
They are good most of the time but if it could be that easy.....a few stamps in return quiet time.
Love the header aren't you cute in your hat.

Di Overton said...

God, I can think of a few times I wished I could have done that :)