Royals - in the PINK

I'm feeling like a kid in a candy shop .. . .
well, perhaps a more accurate description would be
a kid with a new toy.

The new toy would be a little piece of softwear which lets me
put frames and mats on my photos or ( my fav!) vintage photos.
As with most new toys, I started out rather timidly ... . . just
adding subtle colors and details to some of those wonderful
vintage postcards. Last night I decided to have some fun with
this Very Formal / Very Staid portrait of the British Royal Family.
That little girl in the center would be Queen Elizabeth II.
I photographed this portrait in the gallery at Holyrood House Palace
in Edinburgh, Scotland a couple of years ago.

Perhaps my Royal Pink inspiration started out with this regal bed
draped and crowned in pink velvet.

Having read so much about Mary Queen of Scots and her
adventures while in residence here , I was anxious to see her
bedroom. As we strolled into this glorious confection I just
knew I'd found her own personal place in this ancient castle.

This was King James V bedroom !

Mary was a no nonsense kind of girl whose room was quite somber,
and downright masculine, in tones of grey / gold / green.

Hmmm .. . .. must do some reading about James V.
One must wonder what else he liked ... . .

[altered photo: copyright Judith Thibaut]


Ingrid Mida said...

I love the effect of your new software. Do tell...I'd like to try it too!
Pretty bedroom! Love that colour.

willow said...

I'm lovin' the results of that new toy!

Your new avatar is beautiful. Has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like Susan Graham?

Paula Scott said...

And the software is????
way cool candy, I say!

Chrisy said...

Tee heee...whenever I see that salmon pink colour now I'll think of it as 'king james pink'!

vicki archer said...

Now that is a bed.....xv

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

What you are doing with this new software is tres cool. Love the color too. Everyone should have new toys for the summer! Have fun in your sandbox.

Catherine xx

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Love the pic... it's so fun what you are doing.
Do you read any Phillipa Gregory books? I've just started Constant Princess and this author seems like someone you might enjoy!
Happy 4th!