South Beach::Not Your Mom's Beach Cottage

In the midst of winter cold, there's nothing like a little escape to sand & water & warmth.
Last February I had a call from my business partner in South Beach
asking if I could come to Miami to help with a couple of projects he had been working on.

How quickly could I pack my sarong and Havaianas
and run for the airport!
Yes, it would be work - but there would be plenty of time to enjoy
the gentle warmth of dining al fresco and perhaps even a sail on a friends' boat.

He was in the midst of installing a remarkable condo, which I'd been following and helping with via some long distance consulting. Though his style is decidedly more contemporary than mine, we've worked together for many years and each have great respect for each others mutual strengths. He wouldn't do final touches without me and I wouldn't do an initial floor plan without him.

It was time for final touches and I couldn't
wait to see how everything had turned out.

I'd been in the condo only once before -- - it was a shell of raw concrete
and a lot of rough wires where walls had been planned.
We went through our proposed floor plans and tried to make
final adjustments while carpenters and electricians
growled at us to get out of the way.
I remembered boggling views .. . . up the ship channel to the
Port of Miami and across to Fisher Island.
Talk about a great location ... . literally at the corner
of the channel and the Atlantic.

This little bit of whimsy is a take off on a garden folly.
The recessed seat is covered in that Janus et Cie faux greenery
... . . rather a contemporary version of an ivy covered wall.

Every ship (cruise, cargo or small dingy) which enters Miami passes beneath their
dining room .. . . 35 floors up.

Incredible contrast of the downtown Miami
skyline to the right and the vastness of the ocean to the left.
This wine cooler was done by utilizing a series of Aalvar Alto
plexi vases as bottle holders.
We then backlit the sections with LED lights which gradually
change colors from warm pink to cool blues and purples.
Set behind large glass doors,
this becomes a rather mesmerizing sculpture
(should you be able to take your eyes off the views).

The powder room wall is done in a giant mosaic tile mural
(see the top photo).
This tub in the master bath creates a welcoming invitation
as it's approached through the
long closet which connects the bathroom and bedroom.

Though I'm personally more of a beach cottage kind of girl . . .
screen porch with a swing and all that . ... . there's a lot
to be said for the view from the top.

All photos copyright Judith Thibaut.


gina said...

Hey Judith I did a condo in South Beach on Brickle Key a few years back. It was a lot of fun. My husband and I did it together and we stayed there in the condo for about 2 weeks doing everything ourselves after I had many trips on my own working with the constuction crew and buying all the furniture. Some not so great plane rides. But we still talk about the food,views and shopping. Actually I got addicted to guava paste on crackers during this project if you have never had it ii's delish.

J ..de Santa Fe said...

Guava paste -
How did I miss that??
This is such a different world than the west coast of Fla. (think I like your side of the state much better)

Rekha said...

Wow, I loved it, very contemporary and chic.

Ruth Rae said...

I so love this place! Its just the place I would create... I would love to live in a place that was all about the VIEW! I am loving your valentine ATC's the images are amazing... are they really over 100 years old or did I miss read? of you up for a trade I would love one!

Paula Scott said...

HOly Cows!!

paris parfait said...

It's a bit too contemporary for my taste - but it works with those dazzling views! Great job!

Cote de Texas said...

that view! that bath tub! gorgeous!!!!!!!!