Dreams of Green

Wendell Berry said "In order to appreciate the beauty of the
American West, one must get over the color green."

I know, I know. But, I'm sitting here in my home in the American West ... .. . longing for GREEN. It's a February thing. Perhaps not unique to my locale... .. if you're feeling the need for lush leafy Green - come stroll with me. Let's go to one of my favorite spots in Scotland: the Prestonfield Hotel. When last we visited, I focused on an interior stroll, but I often choose my travel destinations as much for the grounds and gardens at the interior decor.
This hotel enchants from either view.

Let's leave Mr. T here on the upper balcony (he's happy with his brandy and a cigar)
and see what we can find.
Is this perfect or what??! A wedding complete with kilts on the lawn.
Just love the lady in the floral jacket and proper little hat
... . she could be anyones great aunt.

Looks like great uncle Mackintosh and several generations
of the cousins.
Perhaps they're heading to the reception in the stables beyond
the garden folly.

Love this magical little retreat.
We really must stop for tea amidst the begonias.

These stables have been converted to be quite the grand "party barn"
for weddings and special events.

Let's keep strolling to the other side of the grounds and see what we can find.

Love these bellmen in their all black kilts ... ..
a bit highlands goth, don't you think.
Just beyond that manicured lawn ... . another bit of traditional rural highlands.
Even the cows are picturesque.

There's something so calming about the ordered geometry of the pathways and the
pristine little tables. Even the grand old tree retains an honored presence.
More perfection: a peacock preening beneath our window.

It looks as if Mr. T has eaten all the pot de creme ... .
but there seems to be plenty of champagne left.

Sit, relax .... I'll pour.

[as always - for the best views, click on each pic to view LARGE]

All photos copyright Judith Thibaut


Paul Pincus said...

this was a lot of fun. suddenly, i really need a holiday! i'm loving the ''party barn'' and those gorgeous cows and all that green!

i probably shouldn't get started on the bellmen in their black kilts?! fantastic! this was beautiful. scotland really is one of the most beautiful places on earth. thank you, j! i could not have enjoyed these photographs more. that said, i still need a holiday!!!

vicki archer said...

What a lovely trip - Scotland is a truly beautiful destination and one I keep promising myself to go to. This might well be the nudge I need, xv.

Cote de Texas said...

omg- where to start???? just wonderful!!!!!! everything. I want to go - reminds me of The Queen.

JM said...

Great post and fantastic compositions!

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

The green is exuberant! I have always wanted to go to Scotland. Your photographs are wonderful! Love the one of the man walking across the green in the black kilt.
Have a fun weekend friend!

gina said...

well lake como and scotland here I come. I am scotish from my dads side (McRae) and I would love to visit one day. the green is divine and the packages in kilts aren't to bad either. what a beautiful post.

paris parfait said...

My comment vanished. Lovely photos of a wonderful place for a celebration, wedding or otherwise! So nice to see all the green on this grey, gloomy day in Paris.

vicki archer said...

Dear Judith,
Finally, finally I posted the award that you so kindly gave me. Sorry to take so long and many thank yous again, xv.

Paula Scott said...

Sigh...thank you for the nice trip!

Elaine Kerr said...

Just beautiful Judith. Love that barn with the red. I'd look right at home on that bech wearing my red & green family tartan!