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Your Question:
May I use your idea to customize my MOO MiniCards with the ribbons ?

My Answer:
Why, of course ... . I'm so pleased you like my idea enough to try your own version!

And ... . .just in case you might desire a little more inspiration, here's more
of my own MooMadness.
The set above I did as a small portfolio of my art. Twelve different photos strung together on a piece of waxed linen, embellished with a bit of tulle and ribbon and finished with
small silver charms.

These pieces are both small ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) which incorporate a Moo photo of another piece of art, then layered and stitched and wired. The parameters for these ATC's specify only that the size be 2.5 x 3.5 inches. I obviously enjoyed creating lots of multiple layers and numerous collaged effects. Puzzle pieces, fabric, wire, tulle -- - even glass microscope slides, which enclose the Moo card below.
I just adore working in this petite format. I find these pieces to be reminiscent of the small personal portraits done in the days before photography. Since they easily fit in the palm of one's hand -- - they also have the quality of a small jewel.
A little secret .. . which requires close examination.

More repetition .
More recycled art.
[ I do regret that you can't each hold one for that close examination -
but, you can click on each image to view LARGE and see a bit of the detail]


gina said...

You are so talented! These are just beautiful. I love looking at your blog and all your inspiring ideas. You are a Jewel.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

These are terrific, J. I love the petite format as well. I must be a bit out of it, though - I don't know what Moo Cards are. More info please. Oh, and I left you a little something on my blog.

paris parfait said...

These are beautiful and clever. Love your grouping of biz cards and the way you've linked them together. And the ATCs are terrific as well!

vicki archer said...

These just get better and better Judith - thank you for these fantastic ideas, xv.

Rekha said...

Cool...I love the idea too...

Paris Atelier said...

Judith! You are so talented! I just love these. I love the small details and the repurposed materials! You are just wonderful :) Thank you for always sharing with us!
Best wishes!

J ..de Santa Fe said...

Ladies - as always, your thoughtful comments are so appreciated!

Catherine ... . my mention of the Moo cards refers to the previous post(Sculpture::Recycled) in which I gave a bit more of an explanation - so check the links there for clarification :-))

Kimberlee said...

You absolutely blow me away with how creative and talented you are, just amazing x

Anonymous said...
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