HoHoHo --Christmas Polka Dots

I was feeling the need for festive RED polka dots .... which led to adding an H ... which became a series of Ho Ho HOooooo's. These were then stitched on vintage sheet music and placed along the wall in black box frames, with more (you can never have to much!) sheet music rambling along behind the frames. The possibilities are endless : I'm now adding red felt polka dots to the mantle above the fireplace, the runner down the dining table and ... . just about anything that doesn't move.
(Watch out le grande chien blanc! )


Ulla said...

This is wonderful Judith! I love the free formness of it and total whimsy! Bravo!

TheKeyBunch said...

Lovely idea, Judith. I am a music lover though, and when you said "Stitched" the dots on to the vintage sheets, I went ouch! I hope it didn't hurt them:)


Kimberlee said...

wow! you are so incredibly talented - I love your home as well. Oh and the things you are doing with the US dollars - genius!! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so I then found your blog! xx