Just Send Money .. .. .

Just because .. . I'm feeling the need to lighten up about: Money! It's all we hear about and it's always bad news. Since these pieces of paper seem to have so little value, I decided to make some Christmas ornaments / cards with them. Don't you feel George looks so much cheerier with those red curls? For all my friends who've said
"just send money" ---- I hope these will be a small giggle.


Leau said...

What a hoot! I've thought of using money but always needed each dollar I came across. I love the texture of the new money and think that the new designs look like an art project to begin with. Glad to see you're back!!

Miss JJJ said...

Leau dear ---
You simply must try playing with $$$!
It's by far the most economical art supply ... . what else can you purchase for a Dollar?

Ulla said...

Fun! stick a stamp on it and send it away, wonder if it'll arrive intact?