Still . . . Waiting for Spring

This is getting more than a bit annoying.
It's way past time for spring - and we're still in wind season.
Even had snow flurries this week.

So far the only bright spot remains on my library table,
in the form of Carla's beautiful photograph of brilliant pink roses
from Vicki's garden.

Many thanks to the dynamic duo of Vicki Archer
and Carla Coulson for bringing a bit of spring to my world
via their beautiful book - French Essence.

Merci Beaucoup !


Photo by me.


Linda Sue said...

I KNOW! spring is a myth though it keeps happening behind our backs- like everything is on time- Birds hatching, worms crawling to the surface,blossoms turning into nubbins of cherries- that sort of thing BUT the temperature is freezing and the bees are not plump enough to keep warm, so cold their tiny wings won't flap. SUCKS! Dark cold windy- one day of a tease of sunshine...

Ingrid Mida said...

It's not much better here in Toronto. We've had so much rain and far too much wind. I keep hoping next week it will be spring like....
Love your new banner. How I wish I could do that!

Chrisy said...

Well you need to come visit over this side of the globe...yes it's autumn but we have sun most days...gorgeous looking book...

Shanthi said...

Where on Earth do you live. I thought we ( in Norway) are the last ones to taste SPRING. Touch wood the Spring started and we are having good too :-). I wish you will get it soon now.