Chanel :: What Karl Says - Fall 2011

The runway unfolded beyond a foggy forest
and a smoldering scorched earth.
There were ghostly shadows and smoke
which seemed to spew from volcanic ash.
Was this Karl Lagerfeld's Apocalyptic vision for Fall 2011 ?
He says no ... . the inspiration was more from the dark German
woods of his childhood, sprinkled with a bit of Fritz Lang .

He also denies that it's all black.
"It's shades of gray " . . . and a few notes of cream.
Frankly, I adore the textural contrasts as well as the emphasis on
the ankles. The detailed scrunch above the low boots , seems
to provide a perfect break before the distressed stretch jeans.
(Dare we say leggings ?)

And when there were trousers . . . they were rolled above
modestly feminine (and oh so wearable) low heels.

This little ankle peek really made me smile.

A crisp transparent hem which brushes the top of slightly
shimmering buttoned court shoes . . . with a cinched buckle added
to provide a bit of punctuation.

Another favorite theme - a bit ripped & shredded, tattered & torn.
Nothing overtly luxe.

It all feels very wearable and very adaptable to real life.
Perhaps even my very simple real life.

What do you think ?

To see the entire collection go HERE.
Or - check out some behind the scenes
photos at Chanel News .. . . I always love the
pics of Karl being photographed whilst
photographing the models.


little augury said...

that little shoe is darling! I liked the roll up pant-just in case we need to go wading in a German stream. the lengths really do reflect the "imagined" German wood.

Paula Scott said...

Hmmmm...I can't see myself wearing any of that here in Rio Rancho (then I would be the visual fish out of water). But, what a dramatic line!

La Petite Gallery said...

Loved this fashion show, I just bought some black patten leather sneakers, (top photo) very cute looks.


cosifan said...

I can see myself wearing those cloths even tough I am 66 yers old. Really love the pants! And the boots wow!!!!!