Resolution . . . Let's Try This One Again

Geraldo vowed to see the world through new eyes .

Digital Collage by me.


At Last . . . In the Spirit

It finally happened.
The spirit of the season has landed.
Perhaps it was the blanket of snow which started
yesterday and continues - ever so gently - this morning.

Mr. T is outside shoveling . . .
and I'm inside wrapping gifts & making
Christmas cards.

Loved this image of the ever fab Marchesa Casati ... . .
it really does seem as if she wanted to
a Christmas tree .

Now that's truly getting in the spirit !

Digital collage by me -
original vintage photo of Marchesa Luisa Casati .


Christmas Borzoi

Greta and her large friend
were hoping that all the Fa La La would soon commence.

( I'm thinking she's not alone . . . tis the season to anticipate. )

Digital collage by me.


May I Introduce . . .

These images left me speechless.
I shall simply note that this is the remarkable work
of Christian Tagliavini . . . . who says this about his work -
" I build up stories and dramatize them using photography
and creativity as a skillful artifice, at the same time being
author, stage designer, costume designer, casting director -
and photographer."

Sir -
Were I a contemporary Medici, I would rush to commission you
to create my wardrobe and immortalize the family in portraits
which would hang in my castle . . . . designed by Axel Vervoordt.

But of course !

All images from the 1503 series : Christian Tagliavini .