Enchantment Reigns at Kensington

Dreamlike Avant Garde installations and interactive performance art
at a palace inhabited by seven princesses .. . . including Queen Mary,
Queen Victoria and Princess Diana? Illusion or reality ?

As of Friday, March 26,
this fairytale has been brought to life in London at Kensington Palace
by Wildworks Theatre Company - along with quite a group of noted British
designers which include Vivienne Westwood, Boudicca, and Echo Morgan.

Always wanted to claim your Seat of Power ? Go ahead .
No velvet ropes or Do Not Touch signs.

This whimsical hand knit ( !! ) throne comes with an
invitation to be seated and make a wish.

Since court dress has always been an integral part of palace life, you'll see various
contemporary interpretations scattered about as sculptures and illustrations to
document the historical fairytale experience.

Miss Westwood placed this gown on the Kings' Stairway ... . . . complete with
with not-so-royal-brooches which exclaim:

I Am Expensive!
You Think You Own The World ? !

Feel free to play with a few of the thousands of toy soldiers.
Knock 'em down and rearrange the army to YOUR liking.

Stroll the magical dreamscape in the royal nursery.

Loose yourself in Queen Mary II's bedchamber -
where Aminaka Wilmont created a Dress of Tears
based on the tradition of collecting bottles of tears during times of mourning.

You'll be invited to leave a note of your own remembrance of the
last tears you shed.

Every room tells a story about the former residents and their life at court.
Lots of drama .. .. .
and pure enchantment.

I'm thinking this exhibition ( open until January 2012 ) is a must see
field trip for anyone inclined to appreciate a fresh take on British history.

I nominate Tristan of Enchanted Revelry and that Fashion Muse - Ingrid Mida
to be our Tour Leaders .

Now that would surely be an opportunity for
Great Fun with Large Doses of Enlightenment!

If you'd like to learn more about The Enchanted Palace
exhibition, do check out these links:
and the BBC.com has a great audio slideshow
which walks you through the
experience with Bill Mitchell of Wildworks
and palace curator Joanna Marschner.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


I must go see this!!!

I want to live here!

I need to live here...this is my idea of paradise! Beauty, toys, and irreverence. It's my life rendered in stuff!

Yoli said...


sinnlighet said...

Amazing mix, me like!


Alisa said...

Wow! What an intriguing, surreal exhibition! Curses, I live on the other side of the planet... I could fill one of those bottles right now!

Chrisy said...

I want sooooo much to be there! Please please sign me up for the tour. My bot is in one of those chairs!
ps And thank you darling for telling us about it!

Ingrid Mida said...

Oh Judith, what a gift you have bestowed upon us in finding this enchanting exhibition. I think I might just have to pop over to London to see it. Anyone want to join me?

Anonymous said...

I want to know where you find all this stuff Ms J. Your network of style-operatives must rival the CIA... except your network actually works.

Been doing some things with driftwood... thought about your wonderful mixed-media creations. Feels great to work with natural materials...
PS: the colours of your blog should be bottled and made into perfume ;-)

My Castle in Spain said...

Oh Vivienne Westwood wins my heart! It's very nice to have you back Judith !!

sinnlighet said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog, they always makes me soo happy.

Your blog is, as usual, full of inspiration and I want to wish you a Happy Easter!

Agneta, Sweden

vicki archer said...

Incredible Judith.....Have a very happy Easter, xv.

HMCraig said...

What a fantastical exhibition.. I'm sure it's absolutely mind blowing in person.