Everything's Coming Up Alice

This seems to be the week of Alice .... . . and Tim and Johnny.
Everywhere we turn there are fantastic images of Johnny Depp and
Helena Bonham Carter as envisioned by Tim Burton in the current
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
This classic story has enchanted and inspired many versions and many
illustrators to create visions to accompany Lewis Carroll's romp
through Wonderland.

We all carry memories of our childhood books and their illustrations.
I must say, my memories don't look anything like these remarkable
characters created by Blanche McManus.
My Alice didn't have near as much style !
What a sophisticated palette of magic she created ... .
quite the jazzy storybook.

Love the multiple top hats on the Mad Hatter.
Love Alices' fan.
Love the perspective on the checkerboard croquet court.

Love the perfect dollops of R E D.

Thanks again to Diane & the ever enlightening Finsbry Collection.
if you'd like to read more about Blanche, go HERE.
She was a fascinating woman , born in 1870 on a plantation
in Louisiana -- - who married, moved to Paris and traveled
the world. She wrote and illustrated childrens' books as a
means of introducing them to other places & cultures.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Well, Blanche McManus has made my day! What marvelous illustrations - I want - no, NEED! - I need that book!

I'm embarrassed to say that, as a child, my Alice in Wonderland book was illustrated with Disney characters from the film LOL. I didn't even know about Tenniel until middle school...I know...I had a deprived childhood. What can I say?

I think we should start a movement to have this book republished! As much as I'm looking forward to Burton's epic with Depp and Carter, I have a scary feeling that images from that movie will be filling the Alice books for years.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

...just had to add.
I'm surprised that she was born so early. These book illustrations look very 1940's Erté to me.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

So excited about this movie...I feel like a little kid. Thanks for showing these illustrations, they're terrific!


Christine H. said...

Where would we be without Alice in Wonderland? Such an important book and such beautiful illustrations.

Chrisy said...

Who would have thought that such stunning illustrations could be created with these few basic colours...just gorgeous and worth reading more about this lady...

willow said...

My daughter excitedly told me today about her visit to see the fabulous Burton exhibit at the MOMA! I was sooo envious. Can't wait to see the film.

sinnlighet said...

Wooow fantastic and lovely illustrations, just love them!

Thank you for showing them and thanks for all the great comments on my blog.

Lots of love

Agneta, the Swedish one

Michelle Cummings said...

Fantastic images! If you really love Alice..come by my blog! I'm having a charm swap!

オテモヤン said...


Ingrid Mida said...

Alice has been on my mind too! Remember last year around this time, I hosted a Mad Hatter's Party! I think that is how we met. I can hardly wait to see the film, especially after seeing the Tim Burton show at the MOMA.

Debra Healy said...

My son listens to Christopher Plummer reading Alice over and over again. He can't wait for Tim Burton Film.
We used too live in Santa fe
before moving to France. On the dark wintry days I really miss the georgeous long views, and the light.
All the best,

Chrisy said...

Just checking up on you honey...hope you're doing lovely things...

Paula Scott said...

Perfect kickoff for the Tim Burton movie! What great images as usual. Such a sleuth, you are. I think Humpty Dumpty might be my fav. Next to the smoking caterpillar!

vicki archer said...

Judith these illustrations are so striking...totally gorgeous. I look forward to the film, xv.

Di Overton said...

A woman way ahead of her time I think

Chrisy said...

Me again honey. Pleased all is going well and you're busy with good things. Do you realise that Alice the movie opens tomorrow! Will I brave the crowds or wait...will see what the dawn brings...love to you...