My George .. . . in Drag

Some of you may recognize this guy. He's often associated with
Mt. Vernon, cherry trees and US one dollar bills.

He's rarely associated with paper dolls , dresses and gold tulle ... . .
which is just what I felt he needed. After all, we all need to have
some fun and play dress up occasionally.
The spring edition of Art Doll Quarterly agreed with me.
They've featured my George in Drag paper doll in their Spring 2010 edition.
It was such a kick to find it in my mailbox yesterday .. . flip through and
see my little GW in all his froufy silver / gold / tulle glory on page 104.

They've even declared my work to be the inspiration for a new department at
Art Doll Quarterly and have encouraged readers to submit " Paper Personas .. .
over-the-top imaginative interpretations of the human form."

What a giggle ... .
I just had to share this.


Do click on the image to view larger and see his
adorable little porcelain legs and the the full effect
of his stitched renaissance dress.

Mixed Media by Judith Thibaut


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

brava brava brava!

not just any drag ...

Queen Elizabeth drag!!!

I've never bought a doll magazine in my life ... but I'm picking up this one on my next trip to Michaels.

Can I take a visit in your head sometime?

Christine H. said...

Congratulations! I think he looks real pretty. They did wear ruffles, so it's not totally out of character either.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

He is so sylish...and I think the skirt is very flattering to his bowed legs. Just great, J. I'll have to pick up that issue. I love how you've inspired others to create paper personas too. Congratulations.


That was interesting about you finding the article by DW. I can't wait to see the doc.

Kerin said...

Oh yes!!! He is so funny and how very clever of you. I just love his personality! Congrats on being in the spotlight with Queen George. ; )

Leau said...

You trend setter you! Yeah for you!!! and he is fabu, darling, just fabu! smooches

vicki archer said...

Congratulations Judith - George is a cutie, xv.

Chrisy said...

This is fabulous news darling! Bravo! And you've started a new trend I'm sure...so pleased for you dear Miss JJ...

sinnlighet said...

Love love love George o;)


My Castle in Spain said...

Congratulations Judith ! Dear old George looks quite charming indeed !

little augury said...

what would Martha say? of course she wore the pants in the family, so I am sure she knew and approved. Such a whimsical and creative George.

Anonymous said...

Love George... He's wonderful.

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

he's delightful! :)