Current Enchantments :: Castles with Moats

Though I'm a girl who's sworn off the Large Life for the
SmallerSimpler Life ... . . I do still relish my privacy and
nothing symbolizes privacy like a castle with a moat.

I love the idea of withdrawing to my drawing room,
and shutting out the world, by pulling up a drawbridge.

Since the reality of castle dwelling generally includes
far too many drafty rooms and more staff than I care to manage -
I'll continue to snuggle up in my small
(but oh so warm & cozy)
little house behind a gated garden wall.

occasionally create a few fairy tale castles ,
because they're such fun to play with.

Go ahead. Play with a few of your own fairy tales today.


Regina Joi said...

I am really hoping your little Fairy Tale Treasure Chest will yield a TEMPLE RING on SILK CORD by Tina...hope to see it soon.

I have several pieces and cherish them MUCH...for they DO have a healing quality, at least for me that is...for you as well?

My Castle in Spain said...

May I join you for a cup of tea in your little cozy dungeon ?

studioJudith said...

RJ - thanks so much for stopping by!
I did love the concept of Miss Chow's jewelery for both the physical beauty as well as the special magic. I'd love to see your Tina Treasures, too.
Lala - you have a standing invitation for tea .... especially if you bring some of that gorgeous cake!

JM said...

Never heard the word before, but I think you are right, a castle with a moat is really something! :-)

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I tend to live as though I'm surrounded by a moat. So much safer and cozier.

Greetings from my castle,

little augury said...

Yes to castles and retreating into a private world. I have had interior shutters in my last 2 houses and love the ritual of opening-but oh so much more the time of day when they are closed.