My Christmas Card for You

Finding the perfect gift is always a great treat. To stumble upon
something that you think (hope ! ) will please a dear friend .

That's just what I felt when I came across this delightful
vintage Vogue cover. She's just the perfect moment of
elegant enchantment and holiday whimsy I wanted to send
to each of my dear and treasured bloggy friends ... . . from Brisbane
to Oia Santorini, St. Remy de Provence , Paris & Granada ,
as well as so many other glam spots
( New Haven !T E X A S ! Canada!).

Christmas wishes and great big hugs to each of you ... . .


Image from Finsbry Collection


Paula Scott said...

Hey! When did you pop back into bloglandia? No announcement? I thought you had stopped...I misunderstood.
I see you have been back for sometime (wish I had known sooner).
Sigh...what fun to see you back.
I want that LBD in one of the previous posts (Coco). Been looking for just that cut and style for what seems an eternity. Size 6 petite if you ever run across one. I need the scoop neck and all I ever see these days are V or square.

Sam said...

Oh that image is just gorgeous!! Merry Christmas to you!

Lia said...

Style and adventure...my words for the new year. Happy Holidays!

My Castle in Spain said...

oh..she's lovely !! I wish you a wonderful holiday, my dear Judith !!

Chrisy said...

Well darling I have to say that this is the most original card I've received...my love to you...hope the day is all that you wish for...

JM said...

This is fantastic! Hope you have had a Happy Christmas.

Courtney said...

You chose well-- I love the illustration! I hope you had a most wonderful Christmas, Judith! xo

Renee said...

She is beautiful, Merry Christmas.

Renee xoxo