Steampunk Da Vinci

There seems to be a fine line between
Necessity and Addiction.

The past few days I've had a bit of time to take a look at this. I have two computers and both have decided to wreck havoc with my life . As the husband has been trying to restore my digital world, his suggestion was that I go "analog" ... . . just do something that didn't require my computer. I had some images I'd been playing with - turning DaVinci's Lady with Ermine into what some were calling my steampunk moment.

How out of it am I??
It's an old term .. . . but new to moi.

As he worked on restoring my digital world, I sat down to do a bit of stitching.
Variations on a theme.
Same image. Same ingredients.
Different attitudes.

Necessity Vs. Addiction?
It's official.

All photos copyright Judith Thibaut


Courtney said...

Oh, yes I am addicted too :) I am trying to remind myself that the downtime without the option of getting online is a good thing! And I am wishing that I had some of my crafting supplies with me (they are still at our house we are about to sell!) xx

gina said...

I can't believe it, I did a pencil drawing of Da vinci's Lady with the ermine when I was in college. My family loves it so much I have it framed and hanging in my foyer. and here it is again with some lovely stiching. I will have to send you a picture of my drawing.

Chrisy said...

A steampunked mona...she is great!

paris parfait said...

I think it's terrific - so original!

Elaine Kerr said...

yes, let's just go Steampunk!! I'm working on a wearable piece and it's heading that way, even though it's still only a mental vision. love your new ATCs, Judith.

raining_kisses said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!