Mousetail Valentines

Self portraits with button eyes too creepy for you ?
There's still more fun at www.coraline.com

Go to the circus theater and type in your name - those little mice
scurry into formation to become your instant personalized creation.
Download it and print it out.

Voila ... . an instant Valentine to enchant any 7 or 70 year old !
I did them for my children, my grandchildren and my mother.

Of course, I just had to add a bit of texture - - so, I stitched and
layered each one with a bit of tulle on some black cardstock.


Paula Scott said...

Too much fun! Thanks for the link! I'm off to give it a try!

Rekha said...

Cool, trying it now!

Chrisy said...

That's fabulous...this would be a fab idea for birthday cards too...oh darn...now i have to visit and get lost in there...

paris parfait said...

What a great idea - especially the way you "gussied them up!"

vicki archer said...

I love them - I want them just like yours, so cute. xv

J ..de Santa Fe said...

Beware the coraline website .. . lots of opportunities for playtime!
These would also be great for birthday cards .. . and the "gussied up " part is the MOST fun :-))