Steps to the New Year

Little silver ballet slippers, which I embellished with ribbons and charms taken from a special gift from a special friend.
Swirling mosaic floor -- - snapped as we checked out of the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.

Incredible geometric mosaic floor at the newly renovated Getty Museum in Malibu.
At home ... travertine floor ... silver Havaianas - as seen through the ubiquitous Louis Ghost.
Lighted marble steps in Catherine & Robert Altman's Malibu home. Snapped at a small family dinner after his memorial service .
Bright and shiny RED ballet slippers .. . . snapped in Taos, NM on the perfect fall day.
Blundies (his) and Wellies (mine) in the garden of Malahide Castle, on a rainy day in Dublin.

Looking forward to a New Year ( and all that hoped for CHANGE!) by looking back on some of the paths I've walked in the past year.


Chrisy said...

You're steppin out in style in those cute ballet slippers...and there's nothin like a bit of marble underfoot!

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

You've tred some elegant ground this year! And in fabulous shoes! I like to decorate shoes too...they resemble blank canvasses and the urge to turn them into Roger Vivier's is overpowering. Thank you for your beautiful, uplifting comments.I don't know how you are able to create the feeling you do in just two lines. It would take me 10 pages to do that!
Looking forward to our friendship in the coming year.

Paul Pincus said...

this was fun post ; )


Anonymous said...

Great photos with terrific shoes! Hoping you explore some fascinating paths in 2009!

Leau said...

Oh, the places you've been! Great shots have you seen the book they did at the Mariposa Gallery on shoes? You'd love it. I have a little something for you on my blog! smooches

Raine K said...

Wow! You've got some great shoes and been to some fabulous places! Happy New Year to you!

Paris Atelier said...

Hi Judith~
What a very fun post!!!! I love it!
I can't wait to hear your story of the Emerald necklace! I'm in suspense...Thank you for your lovely comment, I'm back & showered from my sandy vacation! It sure is good to be home!

JM said...

Very cool set indeed! What a fantastic idea for today post! All shots are great!
Happy New Year, J.!

Paula Scott said...

You go, girl! Wow. I didn't realize how far behind I have gotten on blog reading!
Wish I could join you for the celebration tomorrow evening! Can't WAIT to see what you've drummed up to wear!
Happy New Year!