Preparations Continue ... .

Now that the big decision on THE Dress has been made ... . . I've taken to my chaise for a little nap. That dear Throckmorton suggested he bring one of his special afternoon cocktails, to help me relax.
Such a dear.
The kitchen staff came in early to get the chefs' menu perfectly prepared for your arrival.
Just can't wait to see you all!


Paula Scott said...

Oh, dear! I thought there was a landing strip for the Lear jet. We may have to regroup and get the limo out!

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I want this kitchen. I need this kind of roominess...a kitchen I can dance in! I'm in the process of catching up with you. More comments to follow. You had me chuckling all New Year's. What I really wanted to know is if you rustled and swished (was it swished? Well, swishing is good)and then you surprised me with Dominoes! A great series of posts Judith!
Thanks for all your thoughtful comments. They really meant alot to me.