Investigations of Greed

Detail of a mixed media piece done for an invitational show at Ownings Dewey Gallery in Santa Fe last month. The theme was "In the Garden of Good and Evil." I felt it was the perfect opportunity to make a statement about all the revelations of greed/fraud/ corruption which were being featured on the daily news.
And ... . with last weeks' revelations about Mr. Madoff - the same theme seems to march on, as we try to maintain a bit of holiday festivity. He certainly wrecked more than a few parties in Palm Beach .. .. LA ... NY .. .BNP.

(Ripped US Dollar stitched and layered under glass microscope slide over cardboard with fabric detail and gold paint: 11 x 16)


Chrisy said...

Beautiful thought provoking work...I particular love the use of the fabric.

JM said...

This is very cool and also appropriate for the present days all the Madoffs in this world have forced us to live!

Rekha said...

I like the combination of materials used here. Very interesting.

Paris Atelier said...

Hi Judith~
So, I didn't know what to do, I decided to leave a Thank you for the the comment~comment! I'm glad I'm not alone here!
Anyway, I just had to stop by and say that I LOVE your blog. Your posts ALWAYS inspire me somehow! Thank you for that!
I think you are incredibly talented, wish I had a little creative bone in me :) but I don't!
Have a very Happy Holiday from one Judith to another!!!!
Judith B.~