Chihuly Glow

These festive Dale Chihuly sculptures were featured at Fairchild Gardens in Coconut Grove , as part of a spectacular exhibition which traveled to several US cities. The botanic gardens had dozens of these lighted glass marvels scattered about, from the eaves of the greenhouse to small boats floating on ponds. While wandering the garden paths, one would round a darkened corner to be totally suprised by another of these enchantments. It was warm. It was spring.
The frogs and crickets were providing a constant serenade. Such a special evening ... .
I felt both of these pieces looked tres holiday festive and that you might enjoy the warm Glow on a cold snowy evening .


JM said...

This exhibition must be awesome! I've already seen some photos on Sharon's Phoenix Daily Photo blog. I really like the fact they have chosen gardens to display the fabulous glass works.

I remember when Altman passed away, not very long ago, right? His last movie I have seen was 'Gosford Park' and I loved it.

P.S. Yes, I know which photo you are referring to! :-)

Gloria Traveler said...

Very festive indeed. I liked your red immersion as well.

Thanks for the comment on my icon. I found it during a basic internet search.

Leau said...

Love him, love you for sharing! Happy Saturday. smooches

Raine K said...

Oooh, I love Chihuly! Actually I just love his art - he is kind of a freak.