studio Judith Does Bronzino

With thanks to the  dear blogger friends who have been in touch
and asked to see some of my recent art.  
Here's a little update with a link to my studio Judith Tumblr, 
as well as the Getty Museum Tumblr - who featured the above 
piece with a lovely note declaring it to be a
"Fabulous 21st-century Bronzino adaptation !" 

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Airstream Travels :: August 2012

Special thanks to Anna Sullivan Fallaci of 
Glamper - An Airstream Diary for featuring our little silver bullet in her beautiful blog.

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J' adore McQ

This  little frock from the 
McQ Autumn Winter 2012 / 2013 show
just swept me away.

Love the 50's silhouette and the contrast between
the military belt and the delicate fabric detail.

Collage by studio Judith


Louise Brooks :: Anti Actor

Being remembered for her iconic look more than for being
 a movie star, would have been just fine with Louise Brooks.

She hated Hollywood and didn't believe in acting . . .
just in being yourself, which she found much more challenging.
Spend some time with Louise and documentarian Richard Leacock
in this rare four part interview .  She recalls the decadence of
Berlin  and Paris in the 20's, as well as why she was chosen
to be Lulu in Pandora's Box over Marlene Dietrich. 
(At 25, Miss Dietrich was far too old !)


Collage: Layered Louise by studio Judith


The Many Faces of Lee Miller

Do you ever stumble across an iconic image and determine
to know more about the person behind the photograph ?
These investigations often put me in quite the
Sherlock position .. . . thought I must admit, 
the internet makes it relatively  simple.
This classic image of Lee Miller by Man Ray
was just such an adventure.

Upon inquiry I learned she was not only 
a stunning model but also a portrait photographer,
war correspondent, surrealist muse and artist.
As WWII ended, she was one of the first photographers 
to arrive at Hitler's secret apartments. She promptly 
dropped her muddy clothes and jumped into his bathtub !
Gotta love a girl who walks into Hitler's  bathroom
and recognizes a unique photo op.
Another iconic image . . .
Go  HERE to see the resulting photo and read the story.

To learn more about this fascinating woman
go HERE for an interview with her son.

Collage series by studio Judith


Bravo, Mr. Dior . . .

Happiness is the secret to all beauty.
There is no beauty without happiness.

Christian Dior

Collage by studio Judith


More Coco . . . on Courage

The most courageous act
is to think for yourself.  Aloud.
 Coco Chanel

Collage by studio Judith


New Wings :: Coco Chanel

If you were born without wings,
do nothing to prevent them from growing.
Coco Chanel

An excellent thought for a New Year .. .. 
here's hoping your 2012 will bring glorious 
new wings, great peace & unexpected miracles.

Collage by studio Judith


Great Gobs of Unmitagated JOY

My Christmas wish for you -
this much Pure JOY !

Collage by studio Judith


Shoe Sparkle :: Christian Louboutin

A virtual gift for a real friend.
Just because I know he'd love these outrageous dazzlers ... .
and - in another reality - 
I'd wrap them up and place them under his Christmas tree.
For now, this little photo will have to do.

Collage by studio Judith