Dinner is Served

The dancing will begin after dinner ... . in the small ballroom across the garden.
I'm thrilled we could all be here together to welcome the New Year.
May 2009 be the year when all our dreams come true.

Photograph by Louise Dahl-Wolfe for Dior

Almost Forgot - Directions to the House

Most of you will probably remember how to get to the house: from downtown Palm Beach, just go all the way down South Ocean Blvd. Take the last driveway before you reach the Bath & Tennis Club and Southern Blvd. You can easily see the tower over the wall . ... . just follow the palm lined drive up to the front portico. If you're coming by helicopter, please advise your pilot to land towards the back of the lawn on the lake side.

Preparations Continue ... .

Now that the big decision on THE Dress has been made ... . . I've taken to my chaise for a little nap. That dear Throckmorton suggested he bring one of his special afternoon cocktails, to help me relax.
Such a dear.
The kitchen staff came in early to get the chefs' menu perfectly prepared for your arrival.
Just can't wait to see you all!


Let The Preparations Commence

Oh dear ... . . I've done it again! That simple little gathering has gotten out of hand. Every time the phone rings, I have to send instructions to add another place setting. The butler's been polishing silver for the past three days and the staff is grumbling. Now to find something amusing to wear .. .. .. stay tuned.

Photography by Alfred Eisenstaedt - c. 1964 for Life Magazine


Steps to the New Year

Little silver ballet slippers, which I embellished with ribbons and charms taken from a special gift from a special friend.
Swirling mosaic floor -- - snapped as we checked out of the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.

Incredible geometric mosaic floor at the newly renovated Getty Museum in Malibu.
At home ... travertine floor ... silver Havaianas - as seen through the ubiquitous Louis Ghost.
Lighted marble steps in Catherine & Robert Altman's Malibu home. Snapped at a small family dinner after his memorial service .
Bright and shiny RED ballet slippers .. . . snapped in Taos, NM on the perfect fall day.
Blundies (his) and Wellies (mine) in the garden of Malahide Castle, on a rainy day in Dublin.

Looking forward to a New Year ( and all that hoped for CHANGE!) by looking back on some of the paths I've walked in the past year.


The Last Reindeer of the Season

Here in that moment between Christmas and the New Year .. . .. it's the perfect time to post a pic I snapped at an art gallery opening . Santa Fe / Canyon Road. A great commentary ... . . I'm just not quite sure on what . We'll just leave this under the heading of an "amusing image." And - all that brilliant pink is just an instant lift !


Hope for Hope

A special Christmas Fairy ... . ... . full of goodness, joy and Great Gobs of Hope :: My wish for you this holiday and especially throughout the coming year.


Investigations of Greed

Detail of a mixed media piece done for an invitational show at Ownings Dewey Gallery in Santa Fe last month. The theme was "In the Garden of Good and Evil." I felt it was the perfect opportunity to make a statement about all the revelations of greed/fraud/ corruption which were being featured on the daily news.
And ... . with last weeks' revelations about Mr. Madoff - the same theme seems to march on, as we try to maintain a bit of holiday festivity. He certainly wrecked more than a few parties in Palm Beach .. .. LA ... NY .. .BNP.

(Ripped US Dollar stitched and layered under glass microscope slide over cardboard with fabric detail and gold paint: 11 x 16)


December 17, 1991 :: Fun at the White House

It started with a simple question.
"So where do you think we should spend Christmas?"
she says to the fiance du jour.
"How about the White House ?" replies FduJ.
"Sure, why not" she laughs.
"Seriously ... .. we've been invited."

I guess it shouldn't have come as a surprise, his family had rather deep D.C. roots.

I wasn't particularly Republican, but thought it would be a great opportunity for me to try something fun. No ... . not the whole photo-op with the pres thing! That was required and I attempted to look suitably grown-up and glam.
The real fun would be to sneak down to the Vermeil Room on the lower level , where the famous Jackie Kennedy portrait hangs .. .. . and toss the camera to FduJ for a quick capture of Jackie et Moi.

Mission Accomplished .. .

Here's the official White House Historical Society photo of the Vermeil Room. Portraits of seven first ladies hang here ... . with the 1970 Aaron Shikler portrait of Jackie Kennedy as the clear focal point.
All so very glowy and golden.... soft and ladylike. In fact, it's known as the Ladies Waiting Room. Such an antiquated concept.
Ladies today ( if you can find any!), don't wait for anyone.

A melange of snapshots from my office bulletin board.
Different times, different lives.

I remain boggled by how many
people we can be in just one small life.


Not Your Typical Christmas Card

This Margaret Bourke-White photo may be one of the greatest captures of all time. I just couldn't resist incorporating it in a bit of tongue in cheek commentary .. .. .. 'a la 2008 is looking more than a bit like 1929.
For some.
Past as Prologue and all that .

'Tis The Season ... . . to Share!


Ghosts of Christmas Past :: Handmade Cards

Today is very cold and very snowy ... . the perfect day for sitting down with a bunch of ribbons and fabric and sparkly things and making this years' Christmas cards. My cards often tend to be a bit card and a bit ornament. I love working in the small format and often use photos which I layer and hand or machine stitch with whatever else is around. These are a few examples of my endeavors from the past few years ... . .


Andy & Jean-Michel

Just came across this classic Michael Halsband photo of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. It truly captures their stance regarding the New York art world of the '80's. A dear friend / client was also a part of that world and came home with several very nice souvenirs from each of these artists, as well as a few others. Notably, Mr. Haring. The final photo composite is simply pure vanity and more than a bit of silliness. I just couldn't resist putting myself in the picture with two of my favs from Jean-Michel.


Chihuly Glow

These festive Dale Chihuly sculptures were featured at Fairchild Gardens in Coconut Grove , as part of a spectacular exhibition which traveled to several US cities. The botanic gardens had dozens of these lighted glass marvels scattered about, from the eaves of the greenhouse to small boats floating on ponds. While wandering the garden paths, one would round a darkened corner to be totally suprised by another of these enchantments. It was warm. It was spring.
The frogs and crickets were providing a constant serenade. Such a special evening ... .
I felt both of these pieces looked tres holiday festive and that you might enjoy the warm Glow on a cold snowy evening .


Change of Perception

After the total immersion R-E-D of the last post , I felt the need for a bit of simplicity. This is my favorite kind of Folk Art - a piece which started out life as a functional piece of household equipment and through decades of changing needs and perceptions, has become a treasured piece of sculpture.


Reflections on Red


'Tis the season -- for red. Lots of Red. As mentioned in a previous post, I've had red on the brain - especially all the little places it shows up in my life. Today I came across some photos from a trip to Scotland and the Prestonfield Hotel in Edinburgh. These images take the leap from rouge in small doses to total immersion. Over The Top is an understatement! Anyone looking for a warm, luxurious, romantic retreat for Christmas should consider this destination .... . http://www.prestonfield.com/welcome.htm
It's truly like stepping into the set of a Merchant Ivory movie.


Angels :: 'Tis the Season

I've always liked the concept of
rough - with a bit of frill. These angel wings are ripped from brown paper bags and layered with shimmering silver tulle.
Contrast and contradiction indeed.


Louis Ghost Meets Old Crocodile Luggage

Just the smallest touch of red.... . and it's still so vital. I like the contrast and contradiction here: the frayed and worn pith helmet and vintage luggage against the slick edge of the Louis Ghost chair.
( I suppose I could also title this "What I Do With That Silly Helmet When I'm Not Wearing It")